Our Services

Renting and selling tents and accessories

Al Marwa Parties and Events specializes in renting and selling tents of all types such as: * Modern European tents that resist high heat, fire, water, sand and dust storms, which are used in: - Exhibition and conference tents - Tents for petrlum, gas and contracting (food tents-rest tents) - Tents for weddings and various public and Indvaduals events. - Aftar Saaem tents - Warehouse tents - Sports field tents - Camping tents and campsites * Hair houses of different sizes that correspond to the Qatari and Gulf Heritage and are used for excursions and camping. * Canvas tents are of all sizes and suitable for all types of camping. Al Marwa Parties and Events has the latest trends and designs and is considered the best choice for all uses

Rental and sale of Cabins and Counters

Al Marwa parties and events sells, rents and customizes various types of cabins and counters according to the type, size and specifications required, for example: * Office cabins-living cabins-service cabins * Cabins, kitchens and bathrooms-store counters

Rental and sale of generators and air conditioners

Al Marwa for parties and events rents and sells various types of generators in suitable sizes for each tent, building or project according to demand and makes all the air and electrical connections and extensions necessary for this

Sunshade, berms and Barriers

We manufacture, sunshade and barriers of various types, such as berms for houses, swimming pools, gardens and parking

Preparation of festivals and events

We can prepare various types of festivals and indevadual and public events, starting from initial special designs for any project through making all the designs from the inside, such as kiosks, shops, Gates and structures that make up the festivals, until the end of delivery to the customer.